Thursday, 27 September 2018

Announcing my new book: Bird-Nest Co-parenting after Divorce

As you may know, I'm really passionate about co-parenting as a means of raising your kids after divorce, and I'm excited to announce that I have just completed a new book on Bird-nest co-parenting after divorce which is now available on Amazon:
In the book, I describe how co-parenting works, how bird-nesting (an extreme form of co-parenting) works, and how you can make this work for the benefit of all in your divorced family.
I believe it is an unusual but extremely child-centric form of co-parenting and me and my ex-wife have used it to raise our two daughters from our divorced-marriage with great success.
Anyone who buys the book can send me proof of their Amazon purchase and I'll gladly get back in touch to see if I can offer some personal and direct guidance on how to implement bird-nesting, co-parenting or assist in any other way with challenges they are currently facing.
Simply email me at
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing what you think of the book!

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