Monday, 26 June 2017

When Your Back Is Against the Wall... Push!

You have two choices... quit or move forward. Since quitting is not an option, you must push forward. Sure, the uncertainties of life can overwhelm you, but you are equipped for the task! It is important to stand in your reality. Whatever issue or obstacle that has currently reared its head in your life, you must stare it in the face, identify it, and make it your purpose to overcome it. Identifying the issues in your life removes fear of the unknown and forces you to focus on defeating the problem at hand. Adopting the mindset that you will conquer and not be conquered can ultimately change a person’s outlook from a victim to a victor.

As a society, we spend so much time ignoring our personal issues that we convince ourselves that we no longer have problems that need a resolution. Thus, our greatest offense as human beings is lying to ourselves. Be honest with yourself — do you feel stuck? Are you unhappy with your current career status? Are you way behind on the personal or professional goals that you were certain that you would accomplish by this stage in your life? Identify your obstacles and figure out a method to work through your thoughts, whether you voice your concerns out loud to yourself or discuss them with a loved one — do not allow negativity to exist in your mind any longer. As a living, breathing human being, you owe it to yourself to get to the source of any issue that you may have so that you can determine what is attempting to steal your joy. Once you have identified the burden at hand, make it your goal to overcome it. Simply put, you must know why you are fighting in order to win the fight.

At times, life can throw curve balls, but you must determine in your mind that before any obstacle takes place, you will win the fight! Learn to embrace the growing process and have faith that you will endure any “pit” in your life. Acknowledging the challenging moments of your life ultimately make the moment when you reach the “peak” of your life more enjoyable. In fact, sometimes the bumps and the bruises one receives during a journey prove to be the highlight of the story because those experiences provide the full perspective of one’s journey and make the victory even sweeter.

Remember, you were not made to be stagnant — you were made to evolve! It is true that change can be uncomfortable; however, it is essential for growth. Sometimes it is necessary to sit on the sideline and take a break, but you must get up with more energy and a solid strategy to succeed. While you are taking a break, surround yourself with positivity and people that embrace change so that you do not become complacent. Understand that God made you to perform a specific task that only you can perform, so trust that He is preparing you for it. Your job is to be an open vessel. Therefore, you must fight the fight because this world needs what only you have to offer. You are one of a kind and your story cannot end with defeat. You are equipped with the power that you need to excel so make up your mind right now that you can and will walk into your purpose. Always remember, during any obstacle, if your back is against the wall, you must push forward because the world is waiting for you!


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